Capoeira Sul da Bahia DC was featured in the Washington Post. Read about our Capoeira class, visit us and Find Your Inner Warrior! Capoeira Sul da Bahia - Washington Post


 Welcome to our site! We hope it serves as a learning tool for those interested in the art of capoeira, and a communication tool for our growing community.

"Capoeira Sul da Bahia - Washington D.C. - Mestre Maxuel, Professor Estagiario Busho" is a group whose principal mission is to encourage and promote the art of Capoeira.  Students will learn and enjoy specific movements and rhythms through the knowledge and techniques of qualified and professional teachers in an amible environment. Classes for kids and adult are held by Roberto Tapia (Professor Est. Busho). 

Capoeira Sul da Bahia-DC is offering ONE FREE MONTH of adult Capoeira starting in July, get your FREE MONTH of adult Capoeira with no commitment to join. This promo is valid for new members only.

to register email us:, call us 301-920-0913 or sing up on our website: